How To Get Rid Of Mold And Keep It From Coming Back

Mildew removal is one of those yucky tasks I hate tackling, but especially since it has always required harsh chemicals. This great DIY mold & mildew removal spray with essential oils makes a great safe and natural option that does the trick with ease. Plus, you can snag a free printable with this recipe & some of my other favorite homemade cleaners at the bottom of the post!

If you have been plagued with mold or mildew, you know how big a difference a great quality mildew removal spray can make in your home. In the hot summer months, I find the extra heat and humidity mean my showers and faucets grow mildew faster than before. To get rid of this problem, and keep things safe in our home, making a simple mildew removal spray is a great solution.

DIY Mold & Mildew Removal Spray

This Mold and Mildew cleaning spray is super easy to make, and is not the conventional recipe you’re probably seen that uses stinky vinegar! This is a bonus for those of us who can’t stand that smell (or have a spouse that gags whenever he even sees the bottle!). It uses hydrogen peroxide, which will foam to help remove and kill the mildew, without stinking up your bathroom in the process. The combination alongside our favorite essential oils makes this a potent spray that is natural and safe to use.


2 ounces water
2 ounces hydrogen peroxide
10 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops pure clove essential oil
10 drops melaleuca essential oil

Also needed:

–  Glass spray bottle
– Label
Note: I prefer using a glass bottle for this mildew removal spray since essential oils have been known to break down plastic containers when stored for a long period of time. I prefer not to take any chances.

Directions For Making Mildew Removal Spray:

Mix together water, peroxide, and essential oils in a large measuring cup or mixing bowl. I use a whisk to blend these together well.

Pour into your spray bottle. You may need to use a funnel to prevent spills.

Top with the sprayer attachment and add the label to your bottle so you can easily recognize in your cleaning supplies.

To Use: Just spray this mildew removal on areas in your bathroom where mildew is an issue and leave for 15- 20 minutes if possible. Then come back and scrub and wipe down. If you are just doing a touch-up, and not removing spots, just spray and wipe down.

As you can see, this simple mold and mildew removal spray is very easy to put together, and you probably already have these ingredients on hand in your home. I love that it is safe for all of my surfaces, safe to use around my children. Plus, it is very cost effective since I already have these inexpensive items on hand in my home.

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